Monday, December 12, 2011

Improvements Recently Made to the AANP Website

The website for the American Association of Neuropathologists has recently undergone some improvements that might be of interest to NeuropathologyBlog readers:

The membership directory should be changed so it is searchable by location (hospital, city, or state), as well as by name.

- The Education Section provides useful links for those of us (myself included) who need to get our SAM credits in to the American Board of Pathology for maintenance of certification.

- A new tab has been added under the Professional Affairs heading, entitled “Survey". Results of recent AANP surveys are posted here.

A new heading for the left hand column on the home page has been added entitled “Links of interest". Several links pertinent to neuropathologists are listed. (Hey, where's NeuropathologyBlog?!?)

Thanks to AANP Vice-President Elect Liz Cochran, MD for providing me with this information.

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Brian E. Moore, MD, MEd said...

And don't forget:

21-24 June 2012
Hilton Palmer House Hotel
Chicago, IL

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