Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Dr. Diamandis develops network to help pathologists interface with AI computational scientists

A neuropathology colleague in Toronto (Dr. Phedias Diamandis) is developing some amazing AI-based tools for pathology and academia. He helped recently launch a site called "CODIDO" (https://www.codido.co/) which is a cloud-based network that allows computational scientists to share AI and machine learning algorithms with general users/academics who are keen on using AI but may not know how to code sufficiently well to implement them. It's a great way to allow people to "Demo" code and will hopefully become a central place for pathologists to access a variety of pathology-related algorithms for image analysis projects. They have a few algorithms up already, but they are hoping to expand this by having additional people in the computational pathology space contribute. If you or your residents are passionate about AI and it's potential in our field but do not have a computational background, his team also recently launched a companion site called "PHARAOH" (pathologyreports.ai) that places histology experts in the driver's seat and allows them to to use their skills to design custom models of intertest and share them with the community. This all can be done without any coding expertise or specialized hardware or software. Phedias is hoping to develop a snowball effect to populate the tools further to create an inter-active and growing online network of community tools. He shared a relevant lecture decribing these tools in case you want to learn more about the motivation behind both initiatives (https://youtu.be/HaHiCfhMLOU) Check it out and feel free to contact Dr. Diamandis for more details at p.diamandis@mail.utoronto.ca

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