Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia Provides a Unique Perspective on Neuroanatomy

Karen Everingham -- formerly of the Illinois Association of Museums and now of the Historic Sites Division of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency -- told me about an unusual medical museum sponsored by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia called the Mutter Museum. Among the medical curios and artifacts housed at the Mutter is a unique set of sliced sections of the human head prepared for the museum in 1910. What's special about this series of sections is that it demonstrates the human brain in situ within the context of the entire head. The first section in the series (pictured) shows the face of the subject sectioned. The next time I'm in Philadephia, I will surely visit the Mutter. Thanks, Karen!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Definitely have to put the Mutter on my list of places to visit!

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