Thursday, September 29, 2016

Society for Neuro-Oncology meeting to feature several prominent neuropathologists

David W. Ellison, MD, PhD,
one of the presenters at the 2016 SNO meeting
The Society for Neuro-Oncology 2016 Annual Meeting to be held this year in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 16-20 will feature several members of the American Association of Neuropathologists. Peter Canoll will be speaking on "Primary brain tumors – pathology, grading and prognosis – new WHO classification". Arie Perry will be giving a "WHO overview". Sandro Santagata will talk on "Advances in the molecular genetics of meningioma". Dan Brat will present on "IDH-omas". Cynthia Hawkins will give an overview of pediatric gliomas. David Louis will give a keynote presentation entitled "The 2016 WHO classification of CNS tumors: an overview and a review of diffuse gliomas in adults". Additionally, Dr. Louis will be this year's recipient of the Victor Levin Award which honors an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of neuro-oncology. David Ellison will provide a keynote presentation entitled "The 2016 WHO classification of CNS tumors - What’s new for pediatrics?" Finally, Fausto Rodriguez will give a talk entitled "Impact of NF1 status on glioma pathology". These individuals are advancing the field of neuropathology not only in their research but in their interactions with our colleagues in other fields of neuro-oncology including medical neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, and radiation neuro-oncology.

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