Monday, September 12, 2016

CAP16 Abstract Highlights: Predictive Markers for Meningioma Grading

The 2016 annual meeting of the College of American Pathlologists (CAP16) is coming up September 25-28 in Las Vegas. I'll be attending the meeting this year. In this series of posts, I'll be featuring poster abstracts of particular interest to neuropathologists.

Hussam Abu-Farakh and colleagues from Ibn Haytham Hospital in Amman, Jordan present a poster (#178) on predictive markers for meningioma grading. Here is an excerpt from the abstract:

Design: We studied 244 meningioma cases during the last 10 years at our center. All cases were studied for the following: sex, tumor size, mitotic count, the presence of small cell component (SCC), brain invasion (BRI), bone invasion (BNI), necrosis, and atypia (defined as pleomorphism, prominent nucleoli 6 large hyperchromatic nuclei). Additionally, immunohistochemistry for the percentage of progesterone receptor (PRG) expression, p53, and Ki-67 was calculated.

Results: Grade I and II meningiomas were more common in females, but grade III tumors were equally distributed (P , .05)

The poster also breaks down specific percentages for different histologic features of each of the grades in their series. For example, with regard to progesterone receptor (PR) immunohistochemical expression, 65% are positive in Grade I meningiomas, 32% are positive in grade II, and only 3% are positive in grade III.

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