Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Guest Post: Dr. Nat Pernick, Creator of PathologyOutlines.com

The following is a guest post from Dr. Nat Pernick, creator of PathologyOutlines.com, who reached out to me via Dr. Mark Cohen in search of neuropathology contributors to his website:

PathologyOutlines.com is looking for authors for its neuropathology chapters, specifically the CNS nontumor and CNS tumor chapters.  You can also write about Stains and Molecular Markers related to neuropathology.  You can either update existing topics or write about new topics.  More information is available on our Instructions for Authors page. The main advantages of being an author are: (a) you are helping the worldwide pathology community, as we average 15,000 daily visits; (b) it helps your academic career; and (c) and it may improve your writing skills.  We provide an honorarium of $20 per topic, but if money is your main motivation, this will not be a good fit.  You must be a good writer, and be able to follow our format.  You can write about one topic or many, but they must be approved in advance by us, and we have you do them one at a time.  Senior residents / fellows can write if they are supervised by a staff pathologist who meets our author requirements.  If interested, email your CV and a list of topics you want to write about (either update existing topics or write new topics) to Dr. Pernick at NatPernick@gmail.com.

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