Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pathology 2.0: The Time Has Come

You may not realize it, but by reading this blog post you are participating in "Pathology 2.0". What is Pathology 2.0? For that, read an edited transcript of remarks made by Dr. Keith J. Kaplan (pictured) at the College of American Pathologists Foundation June 12-14 "Futurescape of Pathology" conference in Rosemont, Illinois. Speaking of things 2.0, today is the opening day of the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Subtitled "User-Generated Healthcare", the conference focuses on the ways in which Web 2.0 technology is being applied to healthcare today. Conference organizers define Health 2.0 on their website as follows: "Our definition is currently focusing on user-generated aspects of Web2.0 within health care but not directly interacting with the mainstream health care system. That means, a) search, b) communities, c) tools for individual and group consumer use. But clearly there are blurring boundaries between all these, and the question of connecting Health 2.0 user-generated content to the wider health care system—which hasn’t exactly adopted Web 1.0 with a flourish—is coming into closer focus as more clinicians and organizations start to use these technologies to communicate with consumers."


Agent 86 said...

Is this Pathology 2.0?

Rumor has it, they use it at Mayo to train neurology residents.

Brian E. Moore, MD, MEd said...

Yes, Agent 86, it is indeed Pathology 2.0. I'm not sure why people are writing paper textbooks anymore. That's so 20th century. ;)

M. Pool said...

The whole concept of Pathology 2.0 seems like defining pornography, i.e., "I can't define it but I know it when I see it."

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