Friday, October 2, 2009

Online Biomedical Lectures for the Blue-Collar Neuropathologist

If you consider yourself a blue-collar neuropathologist, a nice resource has appeared on the web for you. Henry Stewart Talks, based in London, is providing free access to a wide variety of on-line biomedical lectures in the form of The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection. One series of these talks focuses on neurodegenerative disease, which would be of particular interest to the practicing neuropathologist engaged in brain autopsy work. The talks are geared toward an audience looking for a more in-depth presentation than would be appropriate for a general pathologist or neurologist, but not so loaded with basic science as to be of no practical use. For now, Henry Stewart Talks is offering institutions, such as mine, free access to the talks on a trial basis. Alternatively, you can request a free trial as an individual by visiting the site. I recently watched a very nice lecture on the clinicopathologic aspects of frontotemporal dementia by Dr. John Hodges of Cambridge University (53 minutes) and a helpful talk by Dr. Peirluigi Gambetti of Case Western Reserve University on prion diseases (53 minutes). Hats off to Henry Stewart Talks for providing this resource!

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