Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Guest Post from Dr. Eddie Lee: "AANP Scholars" Program Initiated

This just in from the inimitable Dr. Eddie Lee of the University of Pennsylvania:

Edward Lee, MD, PhD

“There is a recognized national need for more research-oriented neurodegenerative disease neuropathologists. Towards that end, the American Association of Neuropathologists was awarded a grant from the NIA/NIH that will provide funds for 20 “AANP Scholars” to attend a trainee career development workshop (co-directed by Drs. Eddie Lee and Julia Kofler).  The workshop will be held once a year for three consecutive years in association with the annual AANP meeting.  This is a great opportunity for any trainee interested in neurodegenerative disease neuropathology.  The grant will support AANP Scholars by providing funds for travel, hotel, and registration to the annual AANP meeting.  Applications are due November 1st.  Women, underrepresented minorities and persons with disability are particularly encouraged to apply.” Here's the link to apply.

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