Monday, October 21, 2019

Best Post of September, 2019: A new neuroscience educational channel debuts on YouTube

The next in our "Best of the Month" series is from Tuesday, September 24, 2019:

Phedias Diamandis
Dr. Phedias Diamandis of the University of Toronto shared with me a new YouTube channel -- called NeuroscIQ --  which he and his colleagues have developed. This neuroscience educational initiative, according to Dr. Diamandis, is designed "to discuss relevant everyday neuroscience theory and pathways for early trainees". Right now, there is some neuropathology on the channel, but there's more to come. This channel adds to the excellent neuroscience and neuropathology content that is now on YouTube. We are approaching a day when live lectures to our residents and medical students will become an anachronism. Why not let trainees watch these excellent online presentations before meeting, and then spend your time together interactively discussing the material presented on YouTube? Thank you, Dr, Diamandis!

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