Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brain Tumor Rhapsody by Dr. Arie Perry

Arie Perry, MD
I have written about Dr. Arie Perry's incredible musical talent before, and how he has applied it to neuropathology education. Well, he's brought that talent to a whole new level through a collaboration with the San Francisco Bay Area's vocal ensemble Musaic.  With Virchow as his muse, Arie outlines major biomarkers in the diagnosis of CNS tumors. This magnum opus is called Brain Tumor Rhapsody, and its Dr. Perry's first-ever educational music video.This is an epic musical and neuropathological achievement! Many thanks to Dr. Gabrielle Yeaney of the Cleveland Clinic for alerting me to this remarkable video. Check it out on YouTube!

Gabrielle A. Yeaney, MD

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