Thursday, June 3, 2010

American Association of Neuropathologists happens next week

The American Association of Neuropathologists' annual meeting will be held in Philadelphia next week -- from June 10 to June 13. I'll be there -- blogging live -- with comments from participants, summaries of cutting-edge presentations, and news from the world of neuropathology.  Among the offerings will be a lecture on Autoimmune Synaptic Encephalitis by Dr. Josep Dalmau (pictured) of the University of Pennsylvania. Numerous other presentations are planned, including the Presidential Symposium, entitled: "Big Science" and the Transition to Personalized Medicine: How Can Neuropathologists Play a Role in Large-Scale Clinical, Translational and Basic Research?  I myself will appear at a panel on Friday the 11th at the trainee luncheon, where I'll be talking about landing your first job. I'll be joined on the panel by Dr. Suzanne Z. Powell who will discuss neuropathology training and Dr. Tony Yachnis who will talk about mentorship and sustainability. I look forward to the event and to meeting a few Neuropathology Blog readers along the way!


poolmaven51 said...

Collection time next week! Whoohooo!

Anonymous said...

Great! Looking forward to meeting you.. Miguel.

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