Sunday, December 13, 2009

Featured Neuropathology Fan: Cecilia Rohdin, DVM

It is not often that we neuropathologists find ourselves the subject of public admiration. We are, after all, an obscure lot. But Dr. Cecilia Rohdin (pictured), a Swedish veterinary neurologist, is a true fan. She writes:"I work at the University Animal Hospital in Uppsala, the only teaching hospital in Sweden for veterinary studies. I love animals and neurology and I would like to learn more neuropathology. Unfortunately veterinary neuropathology is not an area of great interest and excellence in Sweden. I would love the opportunity to be able to discuss unsolved mysteries and to learn more about the challenging but ever so fascinating world of neuropathology."
And now, a few questions for our featured fan:

Why are you interested in the neurology of cats and dogs?
"My interest in neurology started when I realized what a neglected field neurology was in veterinary medicine. I do believe that these patients deserve a diagnosis... Besides, neurology is extremely fascinating and it involves both medicine and surgery (at least in veterinary medicine where I am able to do both)."

What role can human neuropathologists play in the work that you do?
"A neuropathologist would be a dream come true for me!! I stuggle to find someone interested to make an effort to examine these patients properly and with enthusiasm. I know it is difficult for a general pathologist to interpret changes in the nervous system and I sometimes get very obscure and not always accurate pathology reports. I also want to be able to do reasearch and it is difficult to find someone (also abroad) to have the time and interest. I would like to know enough to not be so dependent on pathologists who are not really neuropathologists. I also want to learn to get a better general picture of my cases."

I see from your curriculum vitae that you are particularly interested in canine and feline motor neuron diseases. Do you want to hear from neuropathologists who share your research interests? If so, how should they contact you?
Yes! I can be reached via email at:

Thanks for reading Neuropathology Blog, Dr. Rohdin. And thanks for the work you do in helping to relieve the suffering of our fellow mammals!



Scout said...

Can you ask her if she knows Annika Norlin of the bands "Hello Saferide" and "Sakert!"?

How about Maia Hirosawa?

I love Swedish pop music.

Do you know about music blogger Craig Bonnell's web site Swedesplease? He loves Swedish pop music, too.

Brian E. Moore, MD, MEd said...

To Scout:
I have passed your questions on to Cecilia. I'm not sure how much a music fan she is, but if she answers I will be sure to post a response to your queries.

Agent86 said...

I believe that our very own Leroy Sharer is a DVM/Vet NP.

Brian E. Moore, MD, MEd said...

Thanks, Agent 86. Based on your comment, I encouraged Dr. Rohdin to get in touch with Dr. Sharer.

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