Friday, July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson's brain removed

According to a recent Associated Press report, singer Michael Jackson's brain was removed from his skull and is being held for further investigation. Brains at autopsy are often fixed in formalin for about two weeks to firm them up before cutting. According to the article, Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said Jackson’s brain, or at least part of it, was still being held by investigators and would be returned to the family for interment once neuropathology tests were completed. Since Jackson died at UCLA medical center, I wonder if our friend and UCLA neuropathology chief Dr. Harry Vinters (pictured below) is performing the dissection in consultation with the coroner's office. Given the reported circumstances of Jackson's death, I would speculate that the autopsy findings not much more than some non-specific agonal cerebral edema.


Scout said...

Even if your friend is working in consultation with the coroner's office, we won't know it unless the coroner releases that information.

This case needs more HIPAA, not less.

Buy Soma said...

Whatever the result is, the fact that MJ is still the No.1 and the King of POP. No one could ever replace him even in a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Your friend is working with consultation ah??
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I think that's rare I think there is criminal hand in it because why they removing his brain what's the reason I'll continue thinking that's weird.

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