Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Medpedia.com launched today

Medpedia was launched today to answer the concerns expressed by many that medical professionals and patients have become too dependent on Wikipedia for quick answers about medical topics. Medpedia has plenty of authoritative weight behind it: Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and U Michigan are chief backers of the project.

According to a press release issued today by Ooga Labs, the San Francisco-based technology greenhouse which is funding and managing the project, the "release of the Medpedia Platform includes three interrelated services: a collaborative knowledge base, a Professional Network and Directory for health professionals and organizations, and Communities of Interest in which medical professionals and non-professionals can share information about conditions, treatments, lifestyle choices, etc."

Speaking of the Medpedia platform Nancy Brown, CEO of The American Heart Association said: “This platform provides new opportunities for our physician audience to network and share knowledge with other medical professionals around the world who are not a part of the American Heart Association. And, Medpedia’s medical encyclopedia provides the public with convenient access to credible health information, with varying perspectives and resources included.”

I am one of the volunteer editors of the project and have already contributed some photomicrographs and referenced information to the Medpedia medical encyclopedia. I hope the project does well. Please give it your support!


Adam King said...

This is awesome, and a little more credible than Wikipedia.

Unknown said...

I come to know about medpedia, after reading this article, joined today

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