Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neuropathology Blog initiates new feature

On more than one occasion, I have been discussing something with a colleague and remembered that I had blogged about that very same issue some months previously. Then, in order to find the post, I would have to try to remember when I posted on the subject if I wanted to find the entry in the archives. That was fine back when I had only twenty or thirty posts on this site. Now, I have more than one hundred posts; and finding old posts has become tedious. Not to worry. The people at blogger provide a feature called "labels" which allows me to attach search terms to each of my posts. I have renamed the feature "tags", as it sounds more appropriate to me. From now on, you will see along the right-hand column of the page a list of tags, with the number of posts tagged with a particular subject heading. I know this will make searching the archive much easier. It will take about a week for me to go through each post on the site and make tags for each, but it will eventually make searching this blog a whole lot easier.

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