Thursday, September 30, 2021

Brain Pathology's “Under your Microscope” Now Underway

This just in from today's guest blogger Dr. Rachael Vaubel:

Brain Pathology “Under your Microscope” is finally up and running! For anyone unfamiliar, this series is a new Case Image series, which took the place of the Case of the Month.

This new series presents unusual and interesting “unknown” cases that we come across in daily practice with differential diagnoses and teaching points. The case history is presented along with digital microscopy files allowing the readers to take a first look at the whole scanned slides as they would appear under their microscope. It is a fantastic educational resource for trainees and practicing pathologists. The first cases are published and are available on the Brain Pathology website. The cases are searchable by their diagnosis / author / or other keyword and over time the digital files will provide an archive of clinical teaching cases.

As before, Under your Microscope encourages the submission of cases from the entire spectrum of neurological disease, including diagnostic challenges, rare clinical entities, cases with classic pathognomonic findings. Please, note: for anyone interested in submitting a case, the submission process for “Under your Microscope” has changed. Cases are now submitted using the same system as other articles for Brain Pathology.

There is no charge for the publications of Under your Microscope cases. If you had an accepted case prior to 2020, which remains unpublished, please contact Caterina Giannini (

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