Friday, December 13, 2019

Blog Job Listings Migrating to AANP Website

For the past year or so, the job listings on Neuropathology Blog have been reproduced on the  Jobs Board of the American Association of Neuropathologists. Rather than continually synchronizing the two lists, I've decided to discontinue the jobs listings on this blog so that candidates have to visit only one site with the most updated listings. Employers can contact the AANP to have a job listing added, subtracted, or modified. Should any institution contact me, I will forward the listing request to the AANP. The fellowship listing has also migrated to the AANP website.

I wish to publicly thank the inimitable Sherry Miller, wife of  Dr. Doug Miller, who originally suggested the idea of having a job listing on this blog. For many years, Sherry played a central role in maintaining the list. The entire neuropathology community has benefited from her work in maintaining the jobs listing. Thank you Sherry!

Best of luck to all candidates looking for positions in the wonderful field of neuropathology!

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