Monday, May 6, 2019

Mark Cohen's hidden genius as a classical guitarist

The neuropathology community may be aware of the extraordinary musical talents of Dr. Arie Perry, but there is another among us who has hidden genius as a classical guitarist. I present to you the inimitable Dr. Mark Cohen:

Case Western's Mark Cohen (right) with accompianist
Nota Bene: Since my original publication of this post, the inimitable Dr. Cohen emailed me the following: 

"Please credit my partner in crime (actually the brains behind the operation): Narayan Kumar (from Mumbai). We're both learning guitar online at Classical Guitar Corner Academy. Here's the backstory:
Introducing DuJu. DuJu in Mandarin has a few meanings, not all salutary. But it also means a special talent or insight, which we arrogated to ourselves, whether deserved or not -- although neither of us is Chinese. The preferred pronunciation is “Du-zhou”. Sounds and feels French. Which is always a good thing -- although neither of us is French. In a word, DuJu is American, French, Chinese and Indian. Hey, we are an international community here, right? We are probably pushing it when we suggest the name is also a combination of our origins – one born a HinDU and the other a JU, er, Jew. It signifies a welcome coming together of faiths in our troubled world through music -- although neither of us is religious. Whatever. DuJu it is. It’s been fun to do this and we have some bits of music under discussion for sharing with all of us. Barring soul-crushing, deafening silence from our illustrious colleagues here, DuJu hope to being continually fresh and entertaining. Performing around the world cannot be ruled out ;)"

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