Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Polymer coating embolism from intravascular medical devices

The deaths of at least three people who had hospital procedures in Vancouver were caused by coatings that sloughed off medical devices like catheters and scattered through blood vessels to major organs, a recent study has found. Here's a link to the relevant news article.

Rupal I. Mehta, MD
Thanks to Dr. Rupal I. Mehta of the University of Rochester for alerting me to this article. Dr. Mehta herself has published on this increasing recognized phenomenon. Here's a link to her update on the topic.

Dr. Harry Vinters had this to say about the new study coming out of Canada: “Their study is especially intriguing in that it utilizes what could be considered old technology — careful tissue analysis of autopsy specimens — to derive extremely important new information that has a direct impact on outcomes in a select group of patients. Indeed, the autopsy is about the only way this data could have been derived, and Dr. Maguire and his colleagues are to be congratulated for the care with which the study was performed and the data analyzed.” Dr. Vinters has published on this topic as well. Here is a link to his review.

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