Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Omalu puts a religious spin on his assessment of the football: "It is not of God."

“We shouldn’t let children play [football] because we are damaging their brains and robbing them of their humanity. That is a fact.” That's what Dr. Bennet Omalu had to say to a reporter associate with Sojourners, a faith-based organization. In the recently released article from Sojourners, Omalu said that football is a sport "not of God". A committed Catholic, Omalu  says that he lets "the Spirit of God percolate into my being... Everything I do, I do through the eyes of faith.”

Bennet Omalu, MD
Omalu is best known for the startling discovery he made after performing an autopsy on former NFL player Mike Webster. As chronicled in the 2015 film Concussion, with Will Smith starring as Omalu, the then-medical examiner in Pittsburgh found Webster had chronic traumatic encephalopathy and related it to Webster's years of playing football.

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