Friday, June 22, 2018

Who was Rosenthal?

A Rosenthal fiber in pilocytic astrocytoma

"In 1898, the German pathologist Werner Rosenthal noted elongated inclusions within the gliotic edge of a syringeal cavity of an ependymoma. Assigned to write the case report by a senior mentor while serving as a “first assistant” at the University of Erlangen, Rosenthal colorfully described these inclusions as a “glossy formation of little bulbs or wavy sausages with one thick and one pointed end.”….  His supposition that they were related to glial fibers would prove surprisingly insightful. Not until some 20 years later did Bielschowsky and Unger use the term 'Rosenthal fibers' when describing structures in the gliotic capsule of a cystic teratoid tumor."

Quoted from:  F.J. Wippold, A. Perry and J. Lennerz. Neuropathology for the Neuroradiologist: Rosenthal Fibers. American Journal of Neuroradiology May 2006, 27 (5) 958-961.

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