Friday, September 8, 2017

American Board of Pathology Maintenance of Certification Exam Pass Rate Dips to 97.7%!!!

The American Board of Pathology (ABP) recently published their pass rates for the Spring 2017 administration. After maintaining a 100% pass rate for the previous four administrations of the exam over two years, the Spring 2017 exam pass rate has dipped to an appalling 97.7%!

A total of 265 individuals took the exam (at $700 per examinee, the ABP brought in a paultry $185,000 from this administration). Included in this number is probably the few like me who only took the neuropathology exam, with the majority likely taking the AP/CP exam.

Bottom line: No need to worry about either your likelihood of passing the MOC exam or the financial well-being of the ABP.

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