Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Best Post of May 2015: "Bad Ass" CrossFitter and Neuropathologist Greg Fuller set to compete in kettlebell competition for brain cancer research

The next in our "Best of the Month" Series comes from Wednesday, May 20, 2015:

Elite Neuropathologist
Elite Athlete
It's no secret that Dr. Greg Fuller (pictured) is the fittest neuropathologist in the world. What his colleagues might not know is that he is the 67th fittest man in the world for his age class (60+). Greg's wife, Tina, describes him as a "bad ass CrossFitter". As a former owner of a CrossFit "box" myself, I know what it takes to achieve Greg's level in the Sport of Fitness. It requires true grit. There are many of us who would also consider Greg a "bad-ass neuropathologist" -- in the very best sense of that phrase. He's bringing together his love of fitness with his commitment to the study of CNS malignancies by participating in the Kettlebells For Brain Cells competition in Boerne, Texas on June 13. (So, he has a legitimate reason for not showing up at the concurrent AANP annual meeting. in Denver.) All proceeds from the competition will be going to the American Brain Tumor Association. The event is being organized by a brain tumor patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where Greg is Chief Neuropathologist. This is a shining example of a neuropathologist reaching out to a patient in a very personal way. Best of luck in the competition, Greg. Crush it!

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