Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Best Post of October 2014: Release of new edition of Greenfield's expected this month

The next in our "Best of the month" series is from October 2, 2014.  Since the original post, there's been an update on the price from Amazon: you save 9% if you pre-order the book. I had it listed in October at $778.35. Now, Amazon is listing it at $635.43. Here's the original post:

My secret agent intercepted this communication

Editors: Seth Love, Arie Perry, James Ironside, Herbert Budka
Title: Greenfield's Neuropathology 9e
ISBN: 9781444166934
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Estimated pub date: 20 February 2015
Estimated extent: 2000pp
Print run: 2000 copies
Listed on Amazon for only $778.35!!!!!!

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