Wednesday, August 29, 2012

American Association of Neuropathologists Links of Interest

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Anonymous said...

That is an embarrassing short link list from the AANP. By comparison, your detailed link list demonstrates to caregivers, patients and families a professional commitment to remaining updated and actively engaged while advancing knowledge and encouraging collaboration amongst your colleagues. Oddly shouldn't that be the model and mission of the professional organization representing American neuropathology? Especially an agency that collects dues, hosts important meetings and defines important practice standards. As an outsider, I see a link to the Association of Frontotemporal Dementia on your side, while on their side, I see a past President of the AANP, now a board member for the International Society for Frontotemporal Dementia and still NO LINK to FTD. As a victim (or dues paying member), you could apply that same irritable sentiment as you scroll down your purposeful, well-kept, dynamic list. That says a great deal about the leadership and current state of diagnosis and care for so many disabling neurological diseases. It is really inexcusable. In 2012, the Alzheimers Association remains the only AANP dementia link. I would even argue that due to the dismal U.S. rates for neuropathological confirmation of dementia that the AANP knows exist,the failure to update their links list becomes a shining example of American politics and leadership.

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