Friday, May 14, 2010

Best Post of December '09: Doug Miller's Modern Surgical Neuropathology: "a rarity in medical publishing in the 21st century"

The next in our series of "Best Posts of the Month" is from December 17, 2009:

Modern Surgical Neuropathology by Dr. Doug Miller (pictured) was reviewed by Dr. Leroy Sharer in last month's Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology. (I published a post on this book in June of this year.) Dr. Sharer points out that Dr. Miller's book is extraordinary in that it is penned by a single author -- "a rarity in medical publishing in the 21st century", writes Sharer. Some may take issue with Dr. Miller's fiercely independent perspective on surgical neuropathology, but one must respect his courage to say what he thinks. He is not afraid to challenge mainstream concepts. For instance, in his review, Dr. Sharer notes that Dr. Miller "devised his own tumor grading and classification schema, which he relates to others in use, particularly the World Health Organization system from 2007". If more neuropathologists had the chutzpah to put their perspectives out in the public arena for debate, it would undoubtedly invigorate the field!

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jd said...

Best section on epilepsy that I've ever seen in a surgical neuropath book. I enjoy the single-author writing style--it's like I can hear him narrating the text in my mind!

Only downside--I wish the paragraphs had boldface at the start like "microscopic description," "immunohistochemistry," "prognosis," etc., so that information would be easier to find.

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