Friday, February 5, 2010

Perry Rocks: Arie releases neuropathology music CD

When I first heard about this, I said to myself: "No way. This has got to be a spoof." But its true! Neuropathologist Arie Perry (pictured) has released a music CD called Neuropathology Songs, which can be purchased at his website, which includes free samples of several songs. The song list includes such soon-to-be classics as Acute Meningitis, Craniopharyngioma, and Leukodystophies. Perhaps my favorite tune is Schwannoma, which features the following chorus:

Schwannomas are no mystery; you look for Antoni A and Antoni B
And Verocay bodies will clinch the diagnosis for me
Hyalinized vessels is another clue,
And good encapsulation is a key feature too
To make the diagnosis when the surgeon’s leaning over you
To make the diagnosis when the surgeon’s leaning over you

In the current issue of the journal Brain Pathology, Perry has this to say about the new CD: "For many years, I’ve employed these songs for teaching medical students about common neurological disorders. As word of this practice spread however, I’ve been increasingly asked to include such songs in invited lectures and even to the lay public in a local 'Mini Medical School Course', all associated with extremely positive feedback. I’ve even received requests to share these songs with educators and students from other medical centers, in part prompting me to record these songs professionally."

I blogged about Perry back in September regarding his impending move from Wash U in St. Louis, where he has spent the last 12 years, to the University of California at San Francisco. Perry starts as UCSF's neuropathology chief this summer. I assume they'll be giving him time off to collect his award at the Grammys.


Scout said...

Um, I... I... I... Uh... Ah... Oh...

I'm frickin' speechless.

I guess not all music is my savior.

WTF, over?

Jen said...

Hilarious! I used to make up stories as a way to remember things in med school. Songs are more fun.

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