Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Neurology Radio Show on XM and streamable over the 'net

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and ReachMD have launched a new radio program called NeuroFrontiers that is geared toward helping health care professionals get the latest updates in neurology. The show can be heard daily on XM Satellite Radio Channel 160 and is hosted by AAN member Anthony Alessi, MD (pictured).

NeuroFrontiers covers a 15-minute topic and features interviews with AAN members on a variety of neurology issues. Notable news, editorial and clinical discussion, and other hot topics pertaining to neurology and the Academy (such as AAN practice parameters and position statements wherever applicable) are also covered.

All shows are available as a live stream or a downloadable podcast. Listen now!

ReachMD is an innovative communications, information, and education company that provides medical news and information to health care practitioners. Its aim is to help increasingly time-constrained medical providers stay abreast of new research, treatment protocols, and continuing education requirements.


Scout said...

XM Radio is lame.

jd said...

If I'm in the car, the last thing I want to hear is medical talk radio.

Unknown said...

I downloaded as apple iphone works good......not too many neurology topics I could find.....may be missing smthing.........

Brian E. Moore, MD, MEd said...

To Brajesh:
The neurology radio show just began, so I'm sure that there will be more many more episodes added in the coming months. Let us know what you think!

Neuro123 said...

Just a note on iPhone apps.
Colen Publishing just released a series of comprehensive board reviews on neurology, neuropathology and neurosurgery. or
You can view them at the iTunes store- there is a free downloadable sampler of board review.
Its awesome for reviewing on the go..!