Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Featured Neuropathologist: John E. Donahue, MD

Today we feature a rising star in the neuropathology firmament: John E. Donahue, MD. Counted among the prominent neuropathologists on Wikipedia’s neuropathology page (see ‘links of interest’ below), Dr. Donahue is making an impact on the field in terms of teaching, research, and diagnostics. He is co-director of the first-year brain sciences course at Brown Medical School; an authority on blood-brain barrier research in Alzheimer’s disease; and the pre-eminent diagnostic neuropathologist at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Donahue personifies neuropathology in the 21st century.

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You know whom was in my office today when I said, "Let's see what's on the blog today." When my picture came up, I practically shrieked! Of course, his response was, "Good thing you and I are the only ones that read the blog!" Of course, I know that your readership is increasing nicely as word is getting out.

Thanks for the kind comments. Next week, my review article comes out!

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