Monday, November 26, 2007

The Best Intro Neuropath Book

I've looked at several introductory neuropath books for use by residents rotating in neuropatholgy (these include neurologist only in my case, but some institutions have neurosurgeons and general pathology residents rotating with them as well). Well, these residents need a handy, simple reference text. I recommend Practcal Review of Neuropathology (by Greg Fuller and J. Clay Goodman). The one caveat is that the pictures are black and white, and not the best quality. That being said, I think the pictures are adequate to get the idea of what is being discussed. I have compared this book to the Prayson book, the Escourolle and Poirier book, and the most recent competitor by Haberland. Even though all these books have been published more recently, Fuller and Goodman is the best. I hope they come out with a second edition with color pictures. If so, they will CRUSH the competition.

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Anonymous said...

Fuller needs to correct the error that adenine is not present in RNA.

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