Tuesday, August 7, 2018

CAP Neuropathology Committee meets in Montreal

The College of American Pathologists Neuropathology Committee met this past weekend in Montreal. It marked the end of my six-year term as a member of the committee. It was an honor to have served with such a wonderful collection of neuropathologists over the years. I'll miss working with these great colleagues.

In Montreal, committee members (left to right) Kara Jones, Arie Perry, myself, Eyas Hattab, Andrea Wiens, and junior member Lindsey Lowder

At dinner after a day of committee work (left to iight): CAP staffer Annabel Dizon, Karra Jones, Eyas Hattab, Andrea Weins, myself, Arie Perry, Lindsey Lowder, and Lindsey's husband Jon Lowder

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