Friday, October 18, 2019

Best Post of August 2019: Dr. Fausto Rodriguez lectures on pineal tumors live on Pathcast

The next in our "Best of the Month" series is from Monday, August 26, 2019:

Topic: Tumors of the Pineal Region
Presented by Fausto Rodriguez, M.D.,
Associate Professor of Pathology, JHUSOM

This seminar can be accessed live
through the following links at 8 AM on Tuesdsay:

For any questions please contact the creators of PathCast, Dr. Rifat Mannan or Dr. Emelio Mardrigal at

To learn more about this and other educational activities from the Department of Pathology visit:

This hour-long PathCast seminar presented by Dr. Fausto Rodriguez will be broadcast live on both Facebook and YouTube.
Live chat will be available for you to discuss the presentation with Dr. Rodriguez during the seminar.

The PathCast will be archived after the live session at:

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Best Post of July 2019: Neuropathology in Tanzania

The next in our "Best of the Month" series is from Tuesday, July 30, 2019:

I spent half the day today at Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania discussing interesting neuropathology cases with pathology residents. What a privilege to work with such eager and capable residents. We talked about the 2016 WHO CNS tumor classification update and looked at some challenging cases they have a recently encountered.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Best Post of June 2019: American Association of Neuropathologists annual meeting gets underway

The next in our "Best of the Month" series is from Wednesday, June 5, 2019:

I arrived in Atlanta this afternoon in anticipation of tomorrow's kick-off of the American Association of Neuropathologists annual meeting. I've already run into a number of neuropathologists from around the country, including: Howard Chang, William Taylor, Eddie Lee, Beatriz Lopes, Roberta Seidman, Doug Miller, Mary Fowkes, Clare Bryce, Ray Sobel, Tessa Hedley-White, and Leroy Sharer. Looking forward to a great meeting!

I caught up with the inimitable Dr. Leroy Sharer (right) while checking in for the meeting