Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Please show your gratitude to outgoing AANP Business Manager Peggy Harris

The Incomparable Peggy Harris
An important message from Mark Cohen, MD and Kathy Newell, MD:Peggy Harris needs no introduction to members of the American Association of Neuropathologists, as over the past 13 years she has supported and guided most of us (including the Executive Council and Committee Chairs) through the often confusing mechanics and byways of the society's functions, and has been instrumental in facilitating every aspect of our Annual Meetings, from abstract submission to registration to finding other members to making sure that everyone got CME credits. It would be almost impossible to list everything that Peggy has done for the AANP during her tenure with us. Pardon the neuropathological pun, but it would not be hyperbole to say that Peggy has been both our pia mater and glia during her tenure with the Association.

Peggy recently learned that she will no longer be assisting the AANP membership in the new year. Many of us will be sad to see her go, and will miss her at our Annual Meetings. For those who wish to contribute to a monetary gift of appreciation and support honoring Peggy's many contributions to the AANP, we have set up this special farewell fund.

This is not an official AANP-sponsored fundraiser. All proceeds donated to this fund will go directly to Peggy to show our gratitude to her. Please join us in showing how much we appreciate all that she has done for each of us individually and for the AANP as a whole. Thanks.

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