Thursday, July 1, 2010

Neuropathology Blog recognized in latest issue of Brain Pathology

Neuropathology Blog was recently recognized in an editorial in the international journal Brain Pathology, (Volume 20, Number 4, July 2010). Editor Arie Perry (as of today, on faculty at the UCSF pathology department) writes that the blog is "somewhat of a gossip column where one can find the latest news regarding our discipline and the members within it.  For instance, I was amazed not too long ago to find a story about myself and my impending move to the University of California in San Francisco entitled 'Arie Perry Goes West', seemingly within minutes of my accepting the position!  Another blog a few months later entitled 'Perry Rocks: Arie releases neuropathology music CD' similarly appeared almost immediately after I created a website for these educational songs.  How Brian has managed to obtain this information so quickly is astonishing and perhaps, it's best that we don't know all the details of what is readily and quickly available about each of us on the internet." Of course, I could never reveal my secrets, Arie. But let's just say I have several moles at medical centers throughout the country regularly feeding intelligence into my central control center!


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