Tuesday, June 16, 2009

American Association of Neuropathologists wraps up its annual meeting in San Antonio

The American Association of Neuropathologists (AANP) finished up their annual meeting this past Sunday in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. John Donahue snapped the photo above at the reception dinner. Dr. Donahue had this to say: "The most fascinating thing I heard [at the meeting] was that A-beta, particularly 1-42, is a superb antimicrobial agent and may be the reason it's formed endogenously." Another attendee, Dr. Robert Struble, tells me that the meeting was better than it had been in recent years, with several interesting presentations. He suggests that the success of the meeting may be a sign of a reinvigorated organization.


henry brown said...

I couldn't make the meeting this year (haven't been able to go since San Francisco). I hope I will have more time in my *new* job. My colleague, Jack Lee, was at the meeting, and he also thought it was better than usual.

Perhaps we can meet up at the next one!

Brian E. Moore, MD said...

I haven't been to an AANP meeting since San Francisco either! Hope to see you in Philly next year!

MRCaughron said...

New to the blog. But ... Maybe the group can help. I am looking for an imageJ (NIH software) plugin or procedure to use for doing MIB-1 labeling index's on CNS tumors. Basically with a digital photo of the tumor after staining with MIB-1 it will process and return a % of positive cells. Particularly useful on meningiomas, pituitary tumors and low grade astrocytomas. Does anyone know of someone who has such an item already worked out or do I need to invent the wheel again. Thanks Michael R Caughron, M.D. DrCaughron@yahoo.com