Tuesday, April 16, 2019

cIMPACT-NOW Update 4: diffuse gliomas characterized by MYB, MYBL1, or FGFR1 alterations or BRAFV600E mutation

This cIMPACT-NOW update was published this month:

cIMPACT (Consortium to Inform Molecular and Practical Approaches to CNS Tumor Taxonomy) has reviewed the status of WHO grade II IDH-wt/H3-wt diffuse gliomas, focusing on those with a BRAFV600E mutation, FGFR1 alteration, or a MYB or MYBL1 rearrangement, and recommends the use of an integrated diagnosis to combine their histologic and genetic features. 

The consortium recommends the use of an integrated diagnosis to combine their histologic and genetic features, as suggested in the following:
  • Diffuse glioma, MYB-altered
  • Diffuse glioma, MYBL1-altered
  • Diffuse glioma, FGFR1 TKD-duplicated
  • Diffuse glioma, FGFR1-mutant
  • Diffuse glioma, BRAFV600E-mutant (but without CDKN2A/B deletion)
  • Diffuse glioma, other MAPK pathway alteration
The full for cIMPACT Update 4 can be found at:

Ellison DW, Hawkins C, Jones DTW, Onar-Thomas A, Pfister SM, Reifenberger G, Louis DN.  cIMPACT-NOW update 4: diffuse gliomas characterized byMYBMYBL1, or FGFR1 alterations or BRAFV600E mutation. Acta Neuropathol. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00401-019-01987-0.  PMID: 30848347

"Although our cIMPACT committee sees the utility of distinguishing these diffuse gliomas in diagnostic practice, it also acknowledges that the overlap between their morphologic and genetic features and those of other neuroepithelial tumors could occasionally compromise an accurate diagnosis. These other tumors, including pilocytic astrocytoma, PXA, and DNT, could themselves benefit from a classification based upon their combined histologic and genetic features; indeed, it seems likely that such tumors will be the subject of future cIMPACT recommendations on their classification."

The full cIMPACT Steering Committee comprises Drs. Ken Aldape, Dan Brat, David Capper, David W. Ellison, Dominique Figarella-Branger, Cynthia Hawkins, Takashi Komori, David N. Louis, Catriona McLean, Werner Paulus, Arie Perry, Guido Reifenberger, Andreas von Deimling, and Pieter Wesseling.

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