Thursday, January 17, 2019

An inquiry from Dr. Mike Lawlor

Dr. Mike Lawlor (Medical College of Wisconsin)
Hi Everyone,

The time has come for me to pursue re-certification from the American Board of Pathology, and my test period is in March.  As I’ve become a bit super-specialized in a single area, I feel that I’ll likely need to brush up on some topics in order to continue to be considered a neuropathologist.  I haven’t kept up very well with the range and type of educational resources available to neuropathologists for test preparation, and I could use some advice.  Does anyone have advice on educational materials appropriate for ABP re-certification in neuropathology?  I’m sure that others taking the exam this year would also read your comments with interest.

Thanks again,

-Mike Lawlor

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Gabrielle Yeaney said...

Hi Mike, sorry I didn't see this earlier. Things have changed a bit since I took it and now it looks like you get to bring a reference to use during the test! Since you get to pick your modules you can pick 2 Neuromuscular modules. For general NP a text like Ellison & Love would be good to review. The questions I had difficulty with were general AP but they give you a list of subjects to study.