Friday, August 25, 2017

I took the American Board of Pathology Neuropathology Maintenence of Certification Exam

I took the American Board of Pathology neuropathology maintenance of certification exam this week. Given that the ABP goal is virtually a 100% pass rate, I found the test more difficult than I anticipated. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised by the level of difficulty of some of the questions, given that the ABP publishes the topics covered. But in some cases knowing the topic does not really help with preparation. For example, one topic listed is: "abnormal corticospinal tracts/pyramids". In any case, I am sure the cut-off score for passing is relatively low. Results, which only entail whether or not one has passed, will be released in October.

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rfausto said...

Also took the exam a couple of weeks ago. A positive aspect of it was the opportunity to take it at my own time enjoying a cup of coffee at home :-)