Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Gross only" sign out of intraocular lens prosthesis

When signing out our gross only IOL cases, my ophthalmologists want me to comment as to whether the "haptics" are completely present to confirm that nothing has been inadvertently left behind in the patient. If you are wondering what a "haptic" is, it the curving blue filament that emerges from the prosthetic lens serving to keep the lens in place. The term "haptic" means "related to the sense of touch"; but I am not sure why this term is used in this context. Perhaps a reader knows?

IOL with blue haptics in place


Scout, M.D. said...

Maybe 'haptic' was chosen by the manufacturer as a more "sciencey"-sounding alternative to 'feelers', since they kind of look like insect antennae? Feeler ~ feel ~ haptic ...

plural noun: feelers
an animal organ such as an antenna or palp that is used for testing things by touch or for searching for food.
synonyms: antenna, tentacle, tactile/sensory organ; antennule
"the fish has two feelers on its head"

Why didn't they just call them 'anchors', since they function to anchor the lens to the surrounding tissue?

Unknown said...

The 2 rough parts of the lens
Optics-the business end of the lens
Haptics- The support.
Maybe just because it rhymes?