Monday, June 16, 2014

Horbinski Group develops online tool to estimate likelihood of IDH1/2 mutation in a glioma

Craig Horbinski, MD, PhD.
The illustrious Craig Horbinski, MD, PhD wrote in to share a link to an online tool which his team developed which helps triage brain tumor cases that might benefit from additional molecular testing.   Here's what the University of Kentucky neuropathologist had to say about this new website: "We have developed an online-based tool to provide a statistical estimate of the likelihood of an IDH1/2 mutation in a glioma, based
on a few easily-obtained parameters. Several variables like patient age, WHO grade, etc. are well-known to correlate with mutations, but no formula has yet been developed that synthesizes those variables into one unified probability score. An added feature is that it generates separate scores if no testing has been done at all, and if R132H IDH1 immunostain was done but is negative. Hopefully this will help pathologists and investigators better triage cases that would benefit from additional testing, both in clinical and in research endeavors."

Thanks, Craig!

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