Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dr. Thomasina Bailey reviews pituitary session at recent USCAP meeting

A guest post from Thomasina Bailey, MD:
 I spent Saturday night, March 9,  up late in Baltimore at the AANP session at USCAP.  The talks focused on sellar lesions. The panel consisted of  Drs. Lopez, Kleinschmidt-DeMasters, and Burger.  Dr. Lopez  from UVA gave a really great overview of sellar lesions focusing in on pituitary adenomas.  She discussed the things that are clinically significant in the work-up of pituitary adenomas along with the controversies over atypical adenomas and carcinomas of the pituitary.  At the end of her talk, she listed her own WHO classification of pituitary adenomas giving a comparison to meningioma WHO grading.
The next lecture was given by Dr. Kleinschmidt-DeMasters of University of Colorado on What’s New in Inflammatory Pituitary Lesions, Pituicytomas, Spindle Cell Oncocytomas,  and Craniopharyngiomas. During this hour numerous cases were reviewed. Of particular interest was the clinical pathological correlation of pharmacological treatment and the development of hypophysitis.  As she referenced articles and cases she called out audience members who were their authors. During the course of the talks there was a lot of audience interaction when comparing and contrasting use of certain antibodies.
The icing on the cake was Dr. Burger's talk on oddball lesions of the sellar region. He started off the talk by noting that no one will probably ever see in their practices the entities he was about to share. He called on the audience including some of his former fellows for their thoughts. The last case was of special interest because he sited a case report from 1855.  He talked about going to Welch Library to find the journal and then went off on an enjoyable tangent about Dr. Welch being the first pathology chair at Hopkins. Spending a Saturday night at a science talk was super geeky, but I love neuropathology and the pathology history lesson was a bonus.  It was neat to think about all the really great neuropathologists sitting in the audience as well as at the podium. I just wish Dr. Perry had sung a  little bit in the beginning!


GFAPonmymind said...

Good times! Is Dr. Lopez's proposed grading scheme for adenomas available in print?

Thomasina Bailey said...

I did not get the feeling that a change was being proposed for the grading scheme. There was one slide which compared and contrasted who meningioma grading to that of pit. adenomas. . . I took this as more of a learning tool.
It was a great talk.

I was wondering if anyone went to the medulloblastoma talk at the Pediatric Pathology earlier that night or to any of the other neuropathology related sessions at USCAP (Lessons and Lesions from Peter Burger’s Notebook, Neuropathology After Dark: Surviving Intraoperative Frozen Section Consultation , or Approach to Non-Neoplastic Surgical Neuropathology)?