Monday, July 2, 2012

The Intrepid Dr. Mike Lawlor reports on job opportunities discussed at recent AANP meeting

Here's a report from Michael Lawlor, MD, PhD summarizing the job opening updates that came out of last weekend's AANP annual meeting in Chicago. I have updated the job listings on this site to reflect Dr. Lawlor's up-to-date information: 

Hi Everyone,
Dr. Mike Lawlor
As a component of the AANP Trainee Luncheon, we attempted to contact all of the institutions with job postings on the Neuropathology Blog site, and invited them to talk about their positions at the luncheon.  There have been an exceptional number of jobs filled over the past 6 months, so our roster of potential presenters changed considerably over time.  Based on my conversations with people, here is an update on several of the jobs currently posted on the site.

1.       Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Their search for applicants is currently closed.

2.       Case Western Reserve University:  Mark Cohen spoke about this position for a few minutes, which sounds like an excellent opportunity for a research-oriented neuropathologist that wants to spend a minority of their time on clinical work.  I would highly recommend contacting Mark to discuss this position, if you’re in the market for a job.

3.       Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, and UCSF:  These positions remain open, but these institutions are each looking for an experienced neuropathologist who would immediately be able to take on a considerable clinical load.

6.      University of Chicago:  This position remains open, and I think that the link fell off the blog site for a short time (or I missed it).  It looks like it’s back up now, and Peter Pytel confirmed that they’re still looking for people.

7.       University of Manitoba: This position remains open, and Marc del Bigio was able to provide me with some information on it.  This information can all be found on the link to this position, so I won’t repeat it.

8.       University of Wisconsin - Madison:  There had previously been two postings on the blog site, which turned out to be two different “flavors” of descriptions for the same job.  There is one job open at UW-Madison and they have interviewed several promising candidates, but the job currently remains open.

9.       University of Calgary- This job had previously been posted here on the website, but it looks like it has disappeared over the past few months.  The job actually remains open, though, and Jim Wright and Jeff Joseph sent me a lot of information on it.  It looks like the job could involve a combination of clinical, teaching, and research opportunities.  Researchers could either develop their own program or fit into their collaborative neuroscience community, and preference will be given to applicants with interests in neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular diseases, inflammatory diseases, or developmental brain disorders.  Jeff Joseph also sent a beautiful picture taken from his backyard to show off some of the scenery of Calgary, and it definitely looks like a breathtaking area.  For more information, feel free to contact Jeff Joseph ( or Jim Wright (

Two additional notes that might be useful to people:
1.        One speaker from the pharmaceutical community mentioned that a lot of biotech/pharmaceutical industry jobs for pathologists are actually posted on veterinary pathology websites.  If you’re interested in pursuing such a position, you may want  to widen your search to these sites.
2.       I talked briefly about the NIH Loan Repayment Program, which provides student loan repayment for projects on which the investigator spends >50% effort on the project.  These are one or two year grants, and the submission process is very reasonable.  For anyone that has student loans, I’d encourage you to check these awards out at their website and contact them for more details.  This is a wonderful program and the people involved in it are extremely supportive and responsive.
Good luck to everyone!

-Mike Lawlor

Thank you, Mike. And if anyone in the neuropathology community has further updates on the job listings (additions, deletions, etc.), please let me know and I'll make the necessary changes.

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