Friday, March 25, 2011

Best Post of October '10 -- Army General on Blood Test for Concussion: "This is huge"

The next in our Best of the Month series is from October 15, 2011:

USA Today ran a story today about a simple blood test that the US Army has developed which may objectively test for the presence of concussion.   The Army collaborated with Banyan Biomarkers, a Florida-based company, to develop the test. In checking Banyan's website, it looks as though the test consists of a panel of immunoassays which include SBDP145, SBDP120, UCH-L1, MAP-2, GFAP. If this test turns out to be as good as the Army is implying, the implications for those on the battlefield (and on the football playing field, I might add) are enormous. If it pans out, I would agree with Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the Army vice chief of staff, who is quoted in the article as saying: "This is huge."

Thanks to Dr. Doug Shevlin for alerting me to this news story.


Anonymous said...

Please keep us updated on this interesting topic,even though I remain sceptical (a few years ago we had been able to demontsrate elevated S100 levels in healthy marathon runners; Neurology. 2004;62(9):1634-6.)
All the best,

Anonymous said...

This deserves its own entry -- if not, verily its own blog -- but it turns out that Alden Van Buskirk Dartmouth class of 1960, protegee of Jack Hirschman and David Rattray, who I learned about from Matt Gonzalez, apropos of me mentioning a chance meeting with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, died of PNH a rare blood disorder, at age 23. I am indebted, as perhaps the world will someday be, to Mr. Bob Rosen of upstate New York for shedding light on this fascinating small chapter in the history of The Beats, or medicine, or skiing, or apropos of "Light in August" or "Human Stain." That's my contribution to National Poetry Month.