Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First 2010 CAP Neuropathology Education CD-ROM is released.

I recently received in the mail the College of American Pathologists' excellent Neuropathology Program CD-ROM, the first of two installments for the year. I've written about this product in the past; and I recommend it to trainees, general pathologists, and neuropathologists. Each installment consists of eight cases, four of which are linked by a particular theme. The current edition's theme (the CAP uses the term "symposium") is Masses in the Cauda Equina Region. The symposium introduction is written by Drs. Bette K. DeMasters and Hillary L. Somerset of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.(Dr. Somerset is pictured.) Included in the symposium introduction is a handy algorithmic representation for the differential diagnosis of cauda equina lesions. Good stuff!

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