Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Abundance of Job Opportunities Exist in Neuropathology

Since starting the job listings feature of this blog (see column on right) , the number of entries to the list has exploded! Right now, I count TWENTY JOB OPENINGS, an impressive number for such a tiny subspecialty. A special thanks to Sherry Miller (wife of U Missouri neuropathologist Doug Miller, MD, PhD) for providing the majority of listings.


Agent 86 said...


We just hosted an awesome applicant, who read about us HERE! I owe you money or anything?


poolmaven51 said...

I should at least be eligible for a posting fee, right?

Brian E. Moore, MD said...

To Agent 86:
Buy me a beer at the hotel bar in Philly at the June AANP meeting and we'll call it even.

To poolmaven51:
I'll buy you a beer at the hotel bar in Philly at the June AANP meeting. That'll cover the posting fee.


poolmaven51 said... got a deal! Can you add some peanuts with the beer too?

Anonymous said...

A lot of these jobs have older listing dates or no dates at all. As a prospective applicant am I too assume that all these jobs are still open if listed. That is to say has anyone checked to see if the positions are still open, before listing them?

Brian E. Moore, MD said...

To answer the question by "anonymous", I do not check to see if a position is still open before listing it. I hope that if readers discover that a position is no longer available, that they contact me so that I can remove it.

Mano said...


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Karthik said...

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