Monday, April 27, 2009

Genentech is looking for a neuropathologist

Courtney Grafe of Genentech recently informed me of a neuropathology position at the South San Francisco-based company. It looks as though they want someone who can straddle the worlds of research and clinical neuropathology. It looks like a great job for the right person. Details from the Genentech website follow. Contact Courtney at for more details.

RESPONSIBILITIES:The neuropathologist is appointed within the Department of Pathology, which is embedded within the Research Organization. The neuropathologist works with scientists in the Neuroscience Department, and in the Research and Development Organization to ensure that strategies for the treatment and cure of neurological diseases are based on accurate analyses of pathogenetic mechanisms. Pathologists participate both as collaborators and leaders in the discovery, characterization, and preclinical development of novel products in Neuroscience. This can include participation on teams devoted to the development of predictive and prognostic markers. At Genentech, pathologists have access to cutting edge equipment and techniques, including laser capture microdissection, confocal microscopy, advanced imaging morphometry and tissue microarrays that complement histology, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and in situ hybridization analyses. For applicants with the qualifications to lead a research program, the position comes with staff for technical support and access to in-house core facilities for histology, clinical pathology, microscopy, antibody generation, and transgenic and gene knockout models. The department has strong ties with academic and clinical groups both in the US and abroad. Publication in peer-reviewed journals is expected.

The position requires an earned MD or DVM, completion of post-graduate residency training in diagnostic pathology, appropriate Board Certification in Anatomic Pathology, subspecialty training in neuropathology, Board Certification in Neuropathology, and a track record of creative and independent scientific productivity in a neuroscience-relevant discipline. An earned PhD in a related field will be highly desirable but not required. We seek candidates who can interpret traditional diagnostic categories in the context of a detailed and current understanding of molecular and cellular biology of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Candidates must have demonstrated their ability to handle several projects at any given time, to work successfully in teams and to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing to a variety of audiences.

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