Thursday, May 22, 2008

Greenfield's has arrived!

It finally arrived in the mail from yesterday: Greenfield’s Neuropathology, 8th Edition (2 Volume Set with DVD). All $599 worth. Because I ordered it before publication, I paid “only” $569.05. Editors Seth Love (Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK), David Louis (Mass General Hospital, Boston), and David Ellison (St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Memphis, TN) promise in the preface that in this new edition “all of the chapters are either entirely new or have been revised and updated… This expansion of content is supported by 700 extra figures (the total has increased to just over 2700) and 80 extra tables (an increase to 212).” And the companion DVD contains these figures as well. (Of course, I was just reminded that my PC in the office only has a CD player and so I cannot access the electronic images unless I bring my trusty MacBook to work.)


jd said...

I was given some dough as a reward for teaching the pathology small groups, so I bought it with the CD. Pre-publication discount with shipping: $514. Amazon didn't pay off this time! (Amazon discounts on medical books are usually lousy.)

I wasn't even aware that previous editions had a neuroanatomy section.

JD said...

Don't throw out your old Greenfield. The new one has no chapter on ophthalmic pathology, no chapters on hypothalamic, pituitary, and spinal cord pathology, and most significantly, absolutely nothing on Chaslin's gliosis, one of my favorite diagnoses to make! Keep in mind that the disc that comes with it is a DVD, not CD, so your computer needs a DVD drive to run it. That means I can't run it at work.